You’re Shit And You Know You Are

One of the things that I lament about British and certainly English Football culture is the distinct lack of the amount of scarves that one sees on the terraces. As their heroes walk out onto the pitch in Seville, Stuttgart and Szczecin, fans raise purchased scarves featuring designs and slogans that confirm their club allegiance in their bold colours to show unity with the “tribe”. Yet whenever I’m travelling with my dear Hull City away, it is a sight that is notably absent, except perhaps at Anfield. It is therefore with some pleasure that FTBG presents a recent finding.

You're Shit And You Know You Are Scarves

Ryan Callanan (who publishes work under the handle ryca_artist) is a UK based designer of both 2D and 3D art pieces, many of which are for sale, that prominently feature pop culture icons from decades gone by in striking, vivid colour schemes. Common motifs used in his eye catching work include everything from Stormtroopers from the Star Wars franchise to the Rave Smiley, via the late Notorious B.I.G. They all have their own appeal, but one item produced by Ryan that is on sale to the general public is the scarf that you see in the photos above and below.

Inspired by the defamatory chant cooed by fans of a club that happens to be winning the game in which their team is competing, he figured it would make a humorous novelty fan item when placed on a scarf. I saw the scarf during a short online browsing session one day and immediately made a purchase at The scarf is indeed longer than the average at over a metre and a half, the material is of good quality and the simple use of white on black means that it could conceptually be worn during a match of any club.

You're Shit And You Know You Are Scarf

Once again, we at FBTG would like to point out that this is not a paid post. We simply found the item amusing, thus wanted to share it briefly with the wider world in order to promote talented artists in a competitive industry.

Enjoy your game this weekend.


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