American Outlaws Hartford Chapter – Interview

American Outlaws Hartford Chapter Interview

The transcript of our interview with AO Hartford Chapter Treasurer Andy Leary. See the full post here.


Describe the American Outlaws in 3 sentences.

AL: The American Outlaws [is the] unofficial supporters group of the US National Team, both Men and Women. It’s the part that’s trying to bring the atmosphere to the games and to the next level. It’s similar to Continue reading

Happy and Inglorious: Nation of Sore Losers

Union Berlin Crystal Palace

In their outstanding book ‘Soccernomics’, Simon Kuper & Stefan Szymanski discuss at length England’s journeys through major international Football cups and the distinct absence of success. They have analysed how the narrative of events told by the English develops before, during and after the tournament. Kuper and Szymanski claim the English & their attitudes follow a pattern Continue reading

Cameron vs Greed

So West Ham’s biggest supporter David Cameron has openly said he intends to investigate rising costs of ticket prices for Football supporters in the UK. Whether this refers to just English football or Scottish football also, I don’t know. But two thoughts strike me about this;

1) It is not the Prime Minister’s responsibility to fight inflation in football ticket prices; it’s the fans’.

Obviously various governing bodies Continue reading