Football Culture Blog, Understanding The World 90 Minutes At A Time.

Occasionally comical, occasionally analytical, always reliable, From Boothferry To Germany focuses more on Football fan culture than on the sport itself. Posts explore fan customs and traditions around the globe, and how culture, economics, politics, law and history influence fan behaviour. The story of Hull fanatics going to Germany is arbitrary, but gives context. Football is a great lens to look through to understand people, and being a foreigner at games is a fast-track to learning about the natives. We aim to capture that essence in writing.

We are open to collaboration with other bloggers, journalists and enthusiasts passionate about Football culture and lifestyle, irrespective of team or political affiliation. We are also open to write as guests on publications, blogs, posts, articles and bulletins, provided that the topic, content and readership are appropriate.

With this in mind, for inquiries of any kind please write directly to James at fbtg@hushmail.com.

See you on the terrace.

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