Some suggested reading for the intelligent fanatic.

How Soccer Explains the World

Foer, Franklin. Harper Perennial, New York, 2010.

A great collection of stories from the Footballing world, paying particular attention to the politics game between fans and owners and fanatical behaviour.


Kuper, Simon & Szymanski, Stefan. Harper Sport, London, 2012.

An absolute must-read for any Football fan who wants to have an opinion about the sport that is worth listening to.

How Steeple Sinderby Wanderers Won The FA Cup

Carr, Joseph Lloyd. Penguin Books, London, 1975.

The entertaining shortstory of the fictional Steeple Sinderby Wanderers casual venture and subsequent triumph in England’s Greatest Football Prize.

Football Against The Enemy

Kuper, Simon. Orion Books, London. 1994.

A favourite author, Kuper takes us to 22 countries where Politics and Football have cross paths, leaving their mark on one another.

Pirates, Punks & Politics

Davidson, Nick. Sports Books, York, 2014.

A Watford fan who fell out of love with English Football finds sanctuary with St Pauli. Davidson’s writing style articulates the core problem with modern English fandom and why Germany is a shining example.

Watching the English

Fox, Kate. Hodder & Stoughton Ltd, London. 2005.

An anthropologist analyses English culture in all its forms and presents the results in a very compelling read. Essential to understanding the English mentality.

The Miracle of Castel di Sangro

McGinniss, Joe. Time Warner Paperbacks, London. 1999.

An American writer converted to Football joins a remote town in Southern Italy for their inaugural season in Serie B. A tale of greed, betrayal, integrity and corruption. Addicted from page 1.

Fear and Loathing in La Liga; Barcelona vs Real Madrid

Lowe, Sid. Yellow Jersey Press, London. 2013.

Spanish Football historian Sid Lowe collects his years of insider knowledge and interviews to not only speak the truth, but also to dispel the mysteries and lies, of the world’s biggest fixture.

Baghdad FC

Freeman, Simon. John Murray (Publishers), London. 2005.

A country plagued with conflict and misery, but blessed with talented Footballers and passionate fans. An impassioned tribute to Iraqi Football.

Behind The Curtain

Wilson, Jonathan. Orion Books, London. 2006.

The past and present of Football played in Communist Eurasia. Extremely informative, thorough and entertaining.

Jogo Bonito

Jönsson, Henrik Brandao. Yellow Jersey Press, London. 2014.

An entertaining and brief narrative of the history of possibly the world’s greatest Football nation, Brazil.

This Love Is Not For Cowards

Powell, Robert Andrew. Bloomsbury, New York. 2012.

An American spends a year living in Ciudad Juarez, the world’s most dangerous city, while following the local Football club, Los Indios. One of the best Football books ever committed to paper.


Campomar, Andreas. Quercus, London. 2014.

A gripping and extensive history of Latin American Football that takes the time to explain the sport’s relevance in the identity of many of the region’s republics.

From Bust to Boom

Fieldhouse, John. Great Northern, Ilkley. 2009.

The biography of our club, Hull City AFC, through the modern era, ending in the 2009-2010 season. Succinctly written and very entertaining.