Relegation 2016

As the season draws to a close there are two thoughts regarding the relegation stories of two of Europe’s strongest leagues.


I just don’t understand how they manage this every single fucking year. 2 years ago, they came back from the dead with epic wins away at Stamford Bridge amongst others to somehow finish the season in 14th place. Last year they again managed to avoid the drop (albeit not as spectacularly as a certain East Midlands club). And once again this year right as the current falls they have steered clear of relegation at the demise of their biggest rivals. What strikes me the most is that they get away with playing so badly so often. For how much longer can the Mackems keep doing this??


With Hannover 96 and VFB Stuttgart going down this year (all but confirmed), it seems the curse of Hull City is complete. This effectively means that the last 4 German teams the Tigers have played against in friendly competition have all suffered relegation within 2 years; Dynamo Dresden, Eintracht Braunschweig, Vfb Stuttgart and Hannover 96. Let’s hope we’re invited to play against Schalke this summer.

Dynamo Dresden Hull City


5 thoughts on “Relegation 2016

  1. Maybe Sunderland party so hard after they avoid the drop and then have a hangover for the most part of the next season and then only waking up with 10 games to go just to avoid relegation and then repeating the process again each season.

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