The Dynamo Legacy

Dynamo Kiev graffiti

Many Football club names across Eurasia feature the moniker “Dynamo” or an alternative spelling thereof. These clubs share characteristics. Normally located in the respective country’s capital, their logos feature a common attractive “D” design and are usually among the most successful in each respective national league. SG Dynamo Dresden and BFC Dynamo of Germany are both exceptions, but we will return to them later.

These common characteristics are not accidental Continue reading

Pinocchio Club: BFC Dynamo

BFC Dynamo Berlin stadium

The Zionskirche bells chime through the still Berlin sky. 3 workmen take note of the time and finish their coffee, pausing to allow a mid-30s woman pushing a pram past before leaving. The Milanese café owner takes his time to wipe down the table, as a squirrel races across the road opposite him. It’s 8 am in Prenzlauer Berg.

The former residential Bezirk for East Berlin labourers has had something of a makeover in 26 years. Football anthropologist Simon Kuper described Prenzlauer Berg, his former manor, in strong detail back in 1994. In his book “Football Against Continue reading

Wedding & the Boateng Brothers

Boateng Brothers Wedding

When you did your stop in Berlin on your European interrailing trip when you were 20, you didn’t stay in Wedding. If you listen to local radio, the news bulletin will frequently talk of bank jobs or violent muggings in the Wedding neighbourhood. One to avoid for outsiders. Much of the former West is known for sophistication and high-end boutiques, over-indulgence and a socialite lifestyle. The former East is known for drug tourism, house music clubbing at 8am, thriving small businesses and now a wave of 20 something Brits quickly snapping up cheap property to escape the looming post-Brexit-meltdown.

Wedding is known for cheap Schawarma, hooka bars and “Kanackisch”. This Continue reading