A Gobshite’s Ode to the London Clubs

The way in which a Londonphobe judges fans of each and every Football team in the capital….

Arsenal fans are c**ts.

Chelsea fans are aggressive c**ts.

West Ham fans are nostalgic c**ts.

Charlton fans are pissed-off c**ts.

Fulham fans are posh c**ts.

Clapton fans are antifa c**ts.

Leyton Orient fans are wannabe Hammers c**ts.

Millwall fans are c**ts who hate Leeds c**ts.

Wimbledon fans are c**ts with morals.

Palace fans are self-righteous c**ts.

Watford fans are c**ts pretending that Troy Deeney is a nice person.

Barnet fans are c**ts you only ever hear about but never actually meet.

Brentford fans are c**ts out of their depth.

Spurs fans….



…. I actually get on with Spurs.


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