A Gobshite’s Ode to the Yorkshire Clubs

We brought you ‘A Gobshite’s Ode to the London Clubs‘ back in October. The gloves are off once again, and we’re now giving it to the nationalists up there who always had it the toughest.

Wednesday fans are c**ts.

Sheff United fans are loyal c**ts.

York fans are c**ts with flags.

Bradford fans are c**ts with funny accents.

Leeds fans are c**ts and everyone knows it.

Rotherham fans are c**ts that nobody wants to visit.

Barnsley fans are c**ts who think they’re a big club.

Huddersfield fans are c**ts who drink bitter.

Hull fans are c**ts who’d rather be watching rugby.

Doncaster fans are c**ts who don’t really aim that high in life.

And not forgetting….

Boro fans are c**ts that don’t belong in this list any more.

Just a bit of fun, but you already knew that.


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