Socceroo Wanted

The FBTG team would like to speak to an insider in the world of Australian Football (Soccer) culture as part of research for a literary project.

The process of writing a book invariably involves extensive research and investigation – particularly if it is in the field of non-fiction. We are currently half way through the process of researching the fine country of Australia and the history of Football played there, but we have hit a problem. While there is an abundance of literature available in the English-speaking world regarding the history of the country itself, we have struggled to get our hands on a sufficient amount of information regarding the evolution of support culture of Football clubs past and present in the country, most specifically regarding the current status of organised fan groups across the federation. And we have certain questions that need to be asked before we can continue.

Football fans Socceroos

Therefore we are writing this short post to send an SOS into the ether. We kindly ask anybody reading who has a background in the topic of Football fan culture in Australia to get in touch – we’d love to arrange a short interview to pose a couple of questions and of course to network!

We would be happy to plug any website or organisation in return, provided it is nothing too sleazy, illicit or anything politically radical. It doesn’t matter if you are a blogger, a journalist or just a long-time supporter of an Aussie club who has seen it all twice, we’d love to find 30 minutes of your time to chat and take it from there.

Melbourne Victory fans

A transcript of the interview would be published on FBTG. Any individual happy to participate to help us should write to Many thanks guys,


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