Back To Germany

So the 2022-2023 Hull City away kit dropped recently, and something about it caught our eye….

Without trying to deliberately blow our own trumpets, the club from our home city has put out some banger playing kits in recent years with a personal favourite being the two tone black on black vertical stripped away kit last season. This year following the acquisition of the club and with the backing of a new sponsor, the design team seem to have gone quite retro. The home shirt features simple vertical black and amber stripes of a tasteful thickness with a black collar and white details. But it is our new away kit that we are getting all gooey over. The light grey narrow stripes on a white background are a great start, but does anything strike you about the finish on the collar and sleeves?

Hull city away kit 2022 2023
Image is the property of Hull City Tigers Limited.
Hull city away shirt 2022 2023
Image is the property of Hull City Tigers Limited.

Maybe it is false nostalgia in our growing age. Maybe it is projection of something we miss slightly. Or maybe it is just idiocy, but we see the bold colours of the German flag on our new kit. Coincide? Or is FBTG now such a big time blog that our club is taking influence from us?

That’s obviously bollocks and we know it. The orange ring is the same shade of Amber (as we East Yorkshiremen favourably call it) that all our home shirts have ever worn, and the black is the natural compliment colour against white and amber. And the red? This is quite clearly to match the scarlet shade of new big money sponsor Corendon Airlines – and also a nod to the new Turkish interest in Hull City AFC, both financially and culturally. Acun Ilicali has been pulling strings and utilising his media and business network across Turkey following his purchase of the club – we have had a string of Turkish signings come through the door this summer, City played a friendly pre-season fixture away against Fenerbahce three weeks ago and Corendon is a Turkish airline.

Hull city away shirt 2022 23
Image is the property of Hull City Tigers Limited.
Hull city away kit 2022 23
Image is the property of Hull City Tigers Limited.

And the Turkish are taking an interest in our club. In a restaurant very recently, three young Turkish-German lads approached me and commented positively on my Hull City shirt (coz I’m the type of guy who wears replica Football shirts in restaurants) – something that would not have happened even a year ago. But hey – we’re still gonna buy it and tell ourselves it’s the German flag.

All images used in this post are the property of Hull City Tigers Limited.


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