Sticker Plaque At Tiki Taka

After photographing our FBTG Aufkleber stuck onto an arbitrary sign in front of La Sagrada Familia, I retired from Spain’s most famous Cathedral (sorry Burgos) to get away from all the snap happy tourists. Energy drink in hand and happily in the shade, I perused the countless souvenir shops that compete to take your Euros away from you, stopping to enjoy a selection of dolls dressed in blue and red that were apparently supposed to represent current FC Barcelona players. Luis Suarez‘s teeth were a bit too short in my opinion.

The owner rushed over, eager to engage me in conversation. “We have more inside”. Remembering the fact that a certain younger gentleman in the family might enjoy a present from this city, I wandered to the back of the store, where I was greeted by the following sight.

Football shop Barcelona

Fan stickers of various clubs, to the best of my memory none of which were Spanish, lined a vertical structural beam inside the store. Spartak Moscow, Chelsea, Cagliari, Sankt Pauli, and FC Zurich fan-made stickers lay one on top of another, clearly the legacy of visiting fans from around the world. Side note: I wonder how FC Barcelona fans feel about the thought of Chelsea fans leaving their mark in this city post 2012, but whatever.

Football merchandise Barcelona

Barcelona Football merchandise

Never leaving the house without them, I asked the owner if our own Hull City fan stickers would be welcome alongside the others, along with a photo of the collection to make a short blog post. He said they may, though asked for which blog. During the following discussion, the kind sir said that I could photograph as much of his store and merchandise as I saw fit for use in a brief From Boothferry To Germany post, provided that we linked to his shop’s website.

Buy Barcelona scarves

Tiki Taka sports

This is not a paid post, nor was I given any form of material present or discount off an in-store purchase that day. We are promoting the small shop as a way to thank the store owner for allowing me to cover his wall in Hull City fan stickers. If you’re looking for decent officially licensed Football merchandise in Barcelona, get yourself to TikiTaka Sports on the south side of La Sagrada Familia square.


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