Beijing Bird’s Nest

After a night of beers we somehow ended up at the Beijing Olympic Park, fortunately with the camera. The National Stadium a.k.a. “The Bird’s Nest” glowed orange as we approached, but the lights suddenly went out. We however much preferred the sight of cold steel weaving in and out, both imposing and elegant.

A late night nosey around was in order. Sadly we were too drunk (or not drunk enough) to try climb the damn thing the same way those 3 Youtube lads did the London Arena a while back. But we got some good snaps nonetheless. During our time in the city we were not fortunate to catch a Football game at the Beijing National Stadium, but we were happy to visit the Football home of one of the growing nations in the sport.

Beijing Birds Nest

Beijing Birds Nest

Birds Nest stadium Beijing

Beijing Birds Nest design

Beijing Birds Nest stadium

The scale, the striking design, the grandeur. It speaks of the ambition of the country.


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