Guess Who’s Back

It has been an odd couple years for us all, and we can surely agree that things are not fully back to normal yet even though they are getting there. Your FBTG editorial team is enjoying the degree to which markets and governmental mandates and initiatives are becoming more predictable, and international travel is becoming increasingly easy. And we celebrated this with our first home game in 3 years.

Hull city sticker
Hull fan sticker

For anybody who is new to the blog, FBTG is written by typical Football fans living in abroad exploring the contemporary culture in all its complexity through the sporting medium with the hope of inspiring a laugh and a thought. As a consequence of the pandemic, Brexit and what not, travel back to the UK has been difficult, but it was a huge pleasure to once again join our brethren in the KC for a league home game with Hull City – the team that matters to us the most.

Hull city ultra stickers
Hull city ultra sticker

While we can not publish anything recorded inside the ground during the match on here, we can post our stickers placed around our fair city to celebrate our visit. Our new fan sticker designs are printed and looking great – not for general retail, but ask us for a couple when you see us some time.

Hull city fan stickers
Hull city stickers

Up The Football League We Go.


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