If you haven’t got time to read them all, then read these posts to get the best idea of what we are all about.

A Balkan Adventure

A Raucous Introduction to Bulgarian Fan Culture.

All Thaid Up

How Thai Culture is Shaping the National Football Landscape.

Brigata Curva Sud of PSS Sleman

The Political & Philanthropic Fan Group So Great, They Sponsor Their Own Club.

Club Comparison, England and Germany

A Tongue-In-Cheek Comparison of Similar Characters of English and German Clubs.

Do They Know What Dynamo Means At All?

The Inappropriate Name of Houston Dynamo.

East German Footballing Stagnation

How East German Football is Mirroring the East German Economy.

Fighting Terrace Homogeneity

A Call to Protect English Fan Culture.

Gentrification & the BSC; Promise for Die Alte Dame

An Exploration of Hertha BSC’s Future Potential.

Holmesdale Fanatics & The Smoke

Crystal Palace’s Famed Support is a Product of London’s Position in the Global Economy.

Khlong Toei and Port FC

How the History of Khlong Toei has helped Protect Port FC Tradition.

Malaysian Football Culture

Malaysia’s Complicated but Unique Political Past Strongly Manifests Itself in Domestic Football.

New Dog, Old Tricks | Johor Darul Ta’zim FC

The Emergence of JDT as a Malaysian Football Superpower Thanks to the Adoption of a European Commercial Structure.

Sriwijaya FC

The Football Club Named After the Most Powerful Empire You’ve Never Heard Of.

War Games: the Caveman Within

An Evolutionary Basis for Tribalism on the Terrace.

We Are Canton

The Well-Connected Cantonese will Pave the Way for Chinese Football Culture Development.

Why do Germans Hate RB Leipzig so Much?

A Social Explanation of Mainstream German Rejection to the RB Leipzig Model.