Hull Pride 2019

Hull Pride 2019 is a mere fourteen days away. We support those who celebrate the celebration of sexual revelation, and we are indeed proud of our city for doing so.


Because we value sexual diversity as much as we do cultural diversity in Football. Never let anybody tell you you can’t or shouldn’t.


One Hull Of A City – Interview with Rich Sharp Wilson

Rich Sharp Wilson Hull

Admin of “One Hull Of A City” online community, Rich Sharp Wilson is the absolute authority on all things cultural in and around ‘Ull. We sat down with Rich for a coffee to discuss the city’s growing art scene, regional rivalries and, of course, the role of Football is this most unusual of cities….

Could you give me a short introduction to yourself and to One Hull Of A City?

I’m Rich Sharp Wilson, admin Continue reading

Immorality in the Odds Market

Mike Phelan

So after only 78 days in charge of Hull City, Mike Phelan, former assistant manager to Mr Bruce before he quit in the summer, found his tenure of the club cut short yesterday evening. A press conference was called and we the exhiled Black and Amber Faithful woke to learn of the club’s search for a new manager this morning. I know what you’re thinking. Exactly what you want to happen when you’re at the foot of the table in the transfer window.

We are not going to question whether or not it was warranted. We are not going to Continue reading