New Season Hull City Kit Leaked

So today a sign I saw down a backstreet in town advertising some single digit deals inside the adjacent low-rent clothing store caught my attention. Remembering that I needed a couple new sweaters, I stopped walking and took a look inside to see if I could find a sweet deal for a new chunky jumper to wear while working from home in the evenings. Among a hell of a lot of trash, I was surprised to find this masterpiece crammed onto the bargain rail.

Hull city leaked kit

We’re waiting for official confirmation on this, but we’re pretty sure that I serendipitously found the Hull City AFC home kit for the 2021/2022 season (which it looks like we’re going to be competing back in the Championship again – probably where we belong. Gosh, I really hope I don’t regret writing this). Umbro, Adidas or Puma; who cares? It’s the right shade of amber, our cult tiger stripes cover the design and – for some reason – a couple of snakes cross the shoulders, probably to symbolise the venomous tossers we become whenever we lose up ‘ere in Humberside.

Hull city new kit
Hull city kit release

Is it worth us getting “FBTG 2015” printed on the back? Any suggestions for ways we could improve it? Or should we just bin it and accept that we support a shit team?

And if anybody reading this thinks we decided to clickbait the title of this blog post just to get a handful more clicks….. just to prove you wrong, you’ll see us wearing this damn shirt on the terraces next season.

Hull city kit leak
Hull city new kit release

If you got this far and didn’t figure it out….yes, this post is a piss take. I did buy a couple though – I know quality when I see it.


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