Berlin Away Day Guide

Every Football mad Brit already knows it. The German Football experience is second to none in terms of value for money, spectacle and pure enjoyment. Fed up to the back teeth with high ticket prices and draconian body searches every Saturday in the UK, a lot of your compatriots are choosing to indulge themselves in the occasional Bundesliga trip. You too should consider hopping on a flight to experience thrilling German Football that tickles all 5 senses. FBTG is proud to present the perfect itinerary for your first Bundesliga weekend in the wildest city of them all, Berlin. Enjoy.

0642: board flight at Stansted airport.

0956: pass customs at Berlin Schönefeld airport.

1019: board the RB14 regional train service to Berlin Alexanderplatz, validating your ABC ticket in the little red box on the platform before boarding. Sit back for the short ride directly to the city centre and wait for your first glimpse of the city skyline’s most iconic feature; the Fernsehturm.

Union Berlin Choreographie
Original photo by Seppalot13.

1056: step off the train at Alexanderplatz station and stroll down to the main square. Pick up a pipping-hot Bratwurst from the Grillmänner and open up your first Berliner Kindl of the day as you cross bustling Alex in the sunshine, taking a selfie or two as you go.

1151: check into your accommodation. Take a quick waz, drop the bags off and open your second Pilsner before heading back out. Jump back onto the BVG public transport system, making your way to the stadium (West for Hertha, East for Union).

1503: present your ticket at the gates, before allowing the security staff to check your bag and give you the obligatory pat down. Walk through and head straight to the bar for some more golden-coloured fuel.

1527: take your seat and let the atmosphere wash over you as kick-off approaches.

Olympiastadion Berlin mist

1616: jog to the lavs for a quick piss before refilling your Becher (with beer) and perhaps snapping up a quick hotdog.

1712: jump up and cheer as the home side scores the winning goal with minutes to spare.

1740: board the BVG Berlin public transport system, using your complimentary train-ride that comes with your match ticket, to travel back to the city centre with the rest of the jubilant home fans.

1903: order a Dönner at one of the very best kebab joints in town, Mustafa’s. Don’t forget to add cheese, jalapeños and the salad and sauce you prefer, followed by a Berliner Pilsner to wash it down.

2029: shower and change back at your accommodation while catching up on the rest of the Bundesliga result of the day, as well as how your club back home has done.

2148: hit up Torstraße in Berlin Mitte for a slightly more refined drink to get your Berlin night underway. Try the Moscow Mule; THE drink to have in the German capital.

Bundesliga Football tickets

0132: hail a cab and make your way to your chosen nightclub along the riverbank that separates Kreuzberg and Friedrichshain. Wait patiently and quietly in line without drawing attention to yourself in order to get past the bouncer.

0309: find your pals again gurning away by the DJ stand while techno beats are fired at you at scarily high volume levels.

0611: flag down a cab and make your way back to your accommodation for a sandwich, a shower and a snooze.

1108: hurriedly check out and rush to grab a train.

1250: enter Berlin Schönefeld airport at a brisk walk, going straight through security and passport control before ordering your final (overpriced) beer at the wee Irish Bar as you wait to board.

2015: upload any photos from the adventure onto your preferred Social Media platform, tagging From Boothferry To Germany as you do it.


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