Ultras Aufkleber of the Week – FC St Pauli

The number 1 cult-club of Germany getting boisterous in this design. The politicised and partisan nature of German Football fandom has facilitated the evolution of some interesting rivalries between clubs from cities located hundreds of miles apart, and though they in no way can be considered neighbours, the opposing political affiliations of FC Hansa Rostock and FC St Pauli make meetings between the two very exciting affairs.


The Irresistible Lure of Germany


In this guest post, Chris Lee, founder of Football travel and culture blog Outside Write, describes how he first fell for German Football and how the Bundesliga experience has probably helped change attitudes toward Germany among English Football fans.

It’s the evening of 13 July 2014. I am sat in a packed bar in Balham, South London, enduring yet another turgid World Cup final. I can’t remember a good one since 1986, when the opponents were (almost) the same: then it was West Germany and Argentina. Continue reading

5 Unique German Clubs

Bundesliga Football tickets

This post is a part 2 to Club Comparison, England and Germany; an entry that was very popular. In that post, we tried to match DFB and FA clubs based loosely on their characters and identities. In this post, we take a look at some of the German clubs that simply stand out too much to be coupled with an English equivalent. Enjoy.

Bayer Leverkusen

In 1904, a group of employees Continue reading