The Curious Case of Dynamo Dresden

Dynamo Dresden fan flag

Shortly after moving to Germany, my mid-breakfast-Facebook-scroll informed me that Hull City, freshly promoted, were coming to East Germany to take on SG Dynamo Dresden in a friendly a few weeks later. 15.00 on Saturday; easily accessible with a round day trip being cheap. It was on. But in the days beforehand, friends and colleagues had one thing to say;

‘Be careful’

Dynamo Dresden fans are notorious for their aggression and extremism. A  Continue reading

Pinocchio Club: BFC Dynamo

BFC Dynamo Berlin stadium

The Zionskirche bells chime through the still Berlin sky. 3 workmen take note of the time and finish their coffee, pausing to allow a mid-30s woman pushing a pram past before leaving. The Milanese café owner takes his time to wipe down the table, as a squirrel races across the road opposite him. It’s 8 am in Prenzlauer Berg.

The former residential Bezirk for East Berlin labourers has had something of a makeover in 26 years. Football anthropologist Simon Kuper described Prenzlauer Berg, his former manor, in strong detail back in 1994. In his book “Football Against Continue reading

Mein Rostock, unser Hansa

Hansa Rostock graffiti

You’ve not made it as a city until a pop song has been written for you. New York. Paris. Amsterdam. Bangkok. Erm, Amarillo. This tradition exists among songwriters in other languages also. In German, the ballads are usually dedicated to the romance, excitement and hedonism of Berlin. It lends itself far better to poetry than, for example, Bremerhaven. But one unlikely German city has found itself subject of a modern smash-hit.

Rostock. The song Continue reading

Ultras Aufkleber of the Week – 1. FC Union Berlin

The Football fan who prefers to go down the pub with his freshly washed Spurs shirt and chat all friendly with peers wearing Arsenal, Man City and Villa merch will maybe not know Union Berlin. The Football fan who is more invested in the politics of the sport and knows which fans suck and which fans are boss will definitely know Union. Berlin’s 2nd club playing at the infamous Stadion an der alten Försterei, a stadium partially built by the fans when the club needed to upgrade the facility but couldn’t afford to, 1. FC Union Berlin have a lot of sympathy from fans worldwide. Read up on our visit of a friendly when SV Austria Salzburg came to town.

Union Berlin sticker