From Boothferry To Catalonia

Hello darkness my old friend….. Autumn has most definitely arrived now, but that just makes finishing a match under floodlights all the more charming. We’ve been on the road again with more groundhopping with a camera with 2 matches attended in 2 days with great attendances, great atmospheres, great prices but a bit of a lack of goals in the consistently contentious comunidad of Catalonia.

Nou estadi tarragona
Nastic sabadell
Gimnastic bufanda
Gimnastic ce sabadell

We made a trip across to the former Roman capital Tarragona (located between Barcelona and Valencia) yesterday for the Catalonian derby in the Segunda B Group 2 league clash between Gimnastic de Tarragona and CE Sabadell in the Nou Estadi, before getting up early today to rush across to the Camp Municipal de la Verneda in the working-class Besos neighbourhood of Barcelona for semi-professional cup tie between CE Júpiter and AEC Manlleu. In spite of a constant threat of rain, both games remained dry but low scoring with the only goal coming courtesy of ‘Nastic in the second half at the Nou Estadi. This post simply serves as a visual taster of both matches.

Club esportiu jupiter stadium
Ce jupiter stickers
Ce jupiter estadio
Reducte gris grana

Longer posts to come on both topics once we have done our research.


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