Germany According To Hertha Fans

We have quite enjoyed poking fun at fan groups and the way their see their respective countrymen recently. And between you and we, these posts have been getting a healthy amount of views and shares. Therefore we are getting our Bundesliga hats back on and taking the point of view of possibly the most dismissive Germans.

Ladies and gentlemen; we present to you an accurate portrayal of how Hertha BSC fans see the rest of Germany.

Let us know which country / team we should explore next and we will look into it guys.


8 thoughts on “Germany According To Hertha Fans

      1. The Australian soccer scene has changed quite a lot in the past 2 decades with the emergence of the national A-League whose structure more closely resembles the very Americanised franchise model of professional sports leagues. This has eclipsed Aus’s “traditional” regional soccer leagues that many purists favour with a format that is by design extremely corporate and advertiser friendly – which in turn has lead to disagreements between “old school” soccer fans and the industry-insiders as to how Australian soccer should be managed going forward. The previous model had all the passion and integrity of the famed European leagues but it failed to appeal to the masses – which made it unappealing for potential sponsors, but now the image and popularity of the A-League seem to be suffering. It sure is an interesting country to research when it comes to soccer! We at FBTG have attended soccer matches in Sydney and Melbourne (and Auckland and Wellington).

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      2. a distrubingly accurate analysis of soccer’s bid for relevance. Likewise the AFL. Appealing to sponsors, of necessity dumbs down any game to the most widely, lowesrt common denominator ttributes of a game. I prefer Rugby League.

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