Medieval 5-A-Side

Have you ever seen a more beautiful location for a 5-a-side pitch?

The sports facility itself may not be that old, but the surrounding structures date back hundreds of years and the stunning views of the Atlantic Ocean do the hard work of making it a spectacular place for a kickabout.

Beautiful Football pitch

Historic five a side pitch

This campo de fútbol is located in Cádiz, on the very Southern tip of the Iberian Peninsula, sat immediately outside of the Puertas de Tierra that separate the city’s old town from modern Cádiz. While the lack of any barrier between the facility and the Atlantic Ocean may result in an occasional brisk wind or uncomfortable draught that would surely compromise any game of Football, I imagine that the notion of being able to enjoy casual sports in the shadow of such an ancient structure as the historic town walls would be a very empowering feeling.

Historic Football pitch

Beautiful five a side pitch

We felt that such an idyllic location would make for some decent snaps capable of really capturing the imagination. As such, we wanted to share them with you.

Anyone for a quick game of Heads & Vs?


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