The Last Final

It’s still amazing to think that I was in the capital city of the victorious country watching the World Cup final. As Germany will not be in the final this year, let’s look back at their last major Football achievement. This is the story and these are the images of that magical evening, July the 13th 2014.

The final whistle blows after 120 minutes and the singing and cheering only gets louder. We hear of a street party down at Eberswalderstraße, so we take our beer and walk slowly together with the crowd down to the junction to join the 4000 strong throng of revelers. People are screaming, laughing, crying, dancing, clapping, jumping, making out, calling relatives, dishing our the Jäger. By 2am they are all still there, refusing to stop, work the next day irrelevant. We did not see a single policeman that evening. The celebrations simply took priority. To be among so many people so unconditionally happy. It will be an evening that will stay with me forever.

Ihr seid nur ein Rindfleischlieferant!


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