The Suarez Factor

Luis Suarez cheating

Luis Suarez first really came to my attention at the 2010 World Cup. Prior to then he was just another name to me, but his conduct during the Quarter Final fixture of Uruguay vs Ghana added character to that name for the first time. That character during the game was consistent with a lot of the stories and scandals around the man thereafter in his career, both at club and international level. The Shameless Striker; no player makes the papers quite like Luis Suarez.

The game itself was truly enthralling. Ghana Continue reading

Football Heaven and Hell

From Boothferry To Germany

A variation on an old saying you were shown during a dull speech at a work conference or something:

In Football Heaven

the Players are Italian, the Referees are English, the Fans are Polish, the Beer is Czech, the Police are Dutch, the Prices are German, the Commentators are Spanish and the Stadia are French.

In Football Hell

the Players are Czech, the Referees are Spanish, the Fans are English, the Beer is French, the Police are Italian, the Prices are Dutch, the Commentators are German and the Stadia are Polish.

Enjoy your game this weekend.


Happy and Inglorious: Nation of Sore Losers

Union Berlin Crystal Palace

In their outstanding book ‘Soccernomics’, Simon Kuper & Stefan Szymanski discuss at length England’s journeys through major international Football cups and the distinct absence of success. They have analysed how the narrative of events told by the English develops before, during and after the tournament. Kuper and Szymanski claim the English & their attitudes follow a pattern Continue reading