A Word from Winston

Thought for the day. Winston Churchill. You’ve probably heard of him. Not a shrinking violet and seen by many people in the UK as something of a hero. I’m not here to give history lessons, primarily because I don’t actually know that much history, but I ran into one quote of his recently which I think is relevant to our topic of Football Culture & Politics;

You should note, by the way, the bad luck which always pursues peoples who change the names of their cities. Fortune is rightly malignant to those who break with the traditions and customs of the past.

Very prophetic when you change the word ‘Cities’ to ‘Teams’ and put it into the context of Football. Supporters of clubs with the misfortune of having new owners tamper with club-identity in the current epoch have vehemently manifested their anger at such practice (my beloved Hull City being a prime example). Let that be a warning to megalomaniacal owners treating clubs like Play-Doh and molding these entities into their own vision instead of respecting the place these clubs have in the hearts of the followers. Wrath and confrontation will soon follow.

You can’t help but admit that he was pretty much spot on. Mr Churchill would’ve been Against Modern Football.


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