Ultra Boys 90 Stasbourg

Meanwhile in France…..

In another late night research session, we came across this banner created by RC Strasbourg Alsace Ultra group, the Ultra Boys 90 Strasbourg, objecting to the Hull City name change. Unsure when this was created, likely late 2013 or early 2014. If somebody knows, get in touch.

Merci au mec de Strasbourg de nous avoir ader dans notre cause.

rc stasbourg ultras

Football is for you and me and not for fucking industry.


Saving Austria Salzburg

FC Union Austria Salzburg

1. FC Union Berlin celebrated their 50th anniversary late January, with celebrations including a charity match against SV Austria Salzburg at the Stadion an der alten Försterei. Knowing the history of the team from the Mozart City and with standing away-end ticket prices at 5 €, it sounded like a great opportunity.

Austria Salzburg have attracted a large amount of respect from the international football community for their stand against rising commercialism in football. After Red Bull Continue reading

Call for ‘No To Hull Tigers’ Photos

We want to build a photo album of moments when fans of clubs around the country and the world have supported the fight against the name change. If you and / or your club has done so and you have photographs of your supporters holding up ‘NO TO HULL TIGERS‘ banners or similar during a match, please send them in to the address fbtg@hushmail.com and we will feature them.

Thank you for your support!

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