This is How Germany Promotes Safe Sex

Found on the wall at the doctor’s. It’s always been a common advertising practice to use a pop-culture reference as a vehicle for whatever you’re selling, but disguising condoms as badly painted cartoon footballers created by the clinic employees to get kids to use contraceptives is just laughable. Clearly the German Public Sector workers are a bit naive when it comes to understanding what will impress the judgmental youth of today.


Unless there is an untold narrative that I’m missing here? Maybe this is the story of Aldercumshot Town’s shock cup victory against Tottenham Hotsperm? Against all odds, Gary Spunk and his men ran out as victors down at Bellend Road. Johnnyjo Shelvey took a late winner, outpacing Vincent Cumpany before laying it off to Leighton Staines, who lobbed the approaching Jan Verdonghen (cleverly beating the offside trap) before firing it past a hapless Jizzi Jääskalainen. David Semen was left simply speechless in the commentary box.





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