One Hull Of A City – Interview with Rich Sharp Wilson

Rich Sharp Wilson Hull

Admin of “One Hull Of A City” online community, Rich Sharp Wilson is the absolute authority on all things cultural in and around ‘Ull. We sat down with Rich for a coffee to discuss the city’s growing art scene, regional rivalries and, of course, the role of Football is this most unusual of cities….

Could you give me a short introduction to yourself and to One Hull Of A City?

I’m Rich Sharp Wilson, admin Continue reading

Ultra Boys 90 Stasbourg

Meanwhile in France…..

In another late night research session, we came across this banner created by RC Strasbourg Alsace Ultra group, the Ultra Boys 90 Strasbourg, objecting to the Hull City name change. Unsure when this was created, likely late 2013 or early 2014. If somebody knows, get in touch.

Merci au mec de Strasbourg de nous avoir ader dans notre cause.

rc stasbourg ultras

Football is for you and me and not for fucking industry.


Angry Cops And Belgians

Lokeren train station

A wall of aggression. A barrier of taxpayers’ money. One single channel holding 2,000 fans in complete anarchy. Glassware continued to rain down indiscriminately. A middle-aged woman behind me shook with fear. Two men burst through the crowd, one supporting the other, blood rolling down his face. It wasn’t a fight because it wasn’t fair. Our travelling support suffered greatly; it was more than humiliation Continue reading

ESB Design, Hull City Shirt

Scrolling through the usual tags, we found an array of alternative shirt designs of national and club teams. There are the usual suspects, Man Utd, PSG, Brasil, FC Bayern. But to our pleasant surprise, Hull City AFC also made the list. A short browse later and it turns out that ESB Design are a Chilean graphic design team with a real talent for striking kit designs – please check them out!

ESB Design Football
Image courtesy of ESB Design

As a small, provincial club, it’s somewhat flattering to see a designer thousands of miles away not only know your club, but also be invested enough to want to dedicate some of their work to it. I guess this simply reinforces our growing image as a ‘cult club’ around the world (independently of how City fans feel about this).