One Hull Of A City – Interview with Rich Sharp Wilson

Rich Sharp Wilson Hull

Admin of “One Hull Of A City” online community, Rich Sharp Wilson is the absolute authority on all things cultural in and around ‘Ull. We sat down with Rich for a coffee to discuss the city’s growing art scene, regional rivalries and, of course, the role of Football is this most unusual of cities….

Could you give me a short introduction to yourself and to One Hull Of A City?

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On Wembley Way Baht’at

Hull City vs Sheffield Wednesday Wembley

This year’s Sky Bet Championship Play-Off Final will be contested between Hull City and Sheffield Wednesday, 28th of May, in the grandest of all British stadia, Wembley Stadium. While the rivalry of these two teams will be evident, we have to acknowledge the significance of an all-Yorkshire final taking place in London.

The United Kingdom and France share a characteristic that other major European powers do not; in each country one city, the capital, dominates the political, economic and Continue reading