Jumping into a Sinking Ship

Around 70 hours after the Transfer Window opening, and as usual, a lot of C-list press sites are warning of bigger clubs in trouble considering buying key players from your club. You cannot know the validity of these claims, but if you are worried, put yourself in the shoes of said key players from your team.

There has been word of some of the clubs stuck in the Premier League relegation zone coming in to buy a couple from us. They need a solution to poor performance and they need it fast. But why would a player in a team with a good chance of promotion in the same season choose to jump into a Premier League sinking ship? He’ll have 5 months of panic, stress and blame when he fails to live up to his hype at his new home before inevitably finding himself back in the Championship. He is more likely to stay with you.

Obviously a tasty pay-check could swing a decision, but that’s for another post…. In short, don’t worry if Villa or Newcastle are after your Championship star defender or play-maker, because he won’t want to leave.


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