Down By The Ebro River

10am on a Friday morning may be an unusual time for a Football match, but it doesn’t make it any less enjoyable – particularly when you’ve been able to go for so long. But with restrictions easing slightly and pre-season friendlies now underway, we did not miss the opportunity to get our groundhopping kicks once again in the home of a semi-professional outfit in Spain.

Club deportivo ebro
Ebro estadio
Club deportivo de ebro
Cd ebro cd robres
Cd ebro football

Club Deportivo Ebro is an outfit with links to Real Zaragoza down the road, occasionally playing in big brother’s La Romareda stadium for larger cup ties and helping to develop local talent that the directors have their eye on. Named after one of Spain’s great rivers that flows through he city, CD Ebro currently plays in the Segunda B league in Group III.

Ebro almozara
Cd ebro stadium
Cd ebro fans
Cd ebro bufanda
Cd ebro pretemporada

Their opponents in the first match of their pre-season prep was CD Robres – another filial club of Real Zaragoza and Ebro that is also affiliated with the Federación Aragonesa de Fútbol. The two sides lined up at 5 to 10 in the morning in very handsome kits of azure blue (Ebro) and sunflower yellow (Robres) in front of a modest crowd (considering the time of the morning) down at the “Almozara” ground. After a hard fought contest with minutes taken off both halves – presumably due to the late morning temperature – the hosts in blue took a 2-0 win thanks to a very assertive performance in the second half.

Cd ebro ground
Orgullo arlequinado
Cd ebro robres
Cd ebro estadio

Longer and more detailed post to follow once we have done all our research and gone through our notes taken.


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