I Just Can’t Get Enough

Not wanting to waste more money on the metro, I bet with myself that I could make it back from the office to my home where I would be working for the rest of the day in time for my next meeting. The emergency dash to the HR office had taken care of my immediate concern with time to spare, so I decided to walk back from the centre of town towards my flat, snaking my way through El Born district. But in spite of my haste, one shop window still caught my eye and stopped me in my tracks.

Through the dirty glass, an outstanding set of pin badges took pride of place. I am not entirely sure what else the shop sells and neither could I inquire in that moment – the cobwebs on the door spoke of a very long hibernation for the storekeeper. Thus, I had to make do with merely looking at each badge one by one to try and see how many club badges I could recognise.

Barcelona football badges

The array was eclectic, but very cool and – to be honest – very in keeping with the FBTG ethos of giving smaller clubs a chance to hog the spotlight. As this shop is located in Barcelona, many badges were of small semi-pro clubs in the Catalan regional league. Also represented were Levante, Tarrasa, Tenerife, Algeciras, Mallorca and Espanyol. But what really gave me a burst of dopamine was seeing a small pin of the Spanish club we have proudly supported here on this pokey little Football culture blog whose stadium is located some 500 miles away from the Catalan capital.

Spanish soccer badges

I don’t know why, but for some reason this shop keeper has a Xerez Deportivo badge on sale. Let’s be candid; the only person within a 50 kilometre radius with any inclination to purchase it whatsoever is me. Nobody else is going see it, let alone buy it. It’s mine to purchase, but the door is still locked! If you are that shop keeper and by the smallest of chances you are reading this, let me know when I can pop it and take it off your hands for a reasonable price goddammit.

Spanish football badges

And yes – so obsessed was I by this display and eager to take photos of it that I did miss the start of my meeting like an absolute twat….


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