That’s An Absolute Liberty

We have all seen the rather alarming news coming fresh outta the world’s most popular federation this week. While many are indeed shocked by the Capitol Hill…. episode, some of the footage and photographs taken during the event that have emerged in the digital sphere have proven far too fucking funny to avoid receiving the dubious accolade “meme-worthy”. In this spirit, we at FBTG wanted to jump on the bandwagon and take advantage of the internet’s favourite ginger thief to have a bit of topical Football-related fun.

Capitol hill memes
Capitol hill guy meme
Capitol hill meme
Capitol hill thief meme
Capitol hill meme guy
Capitol hill ginger meme

The purpose of this post was entertainment, not hard-hitting journalism or a serious, in-depth discussion about current affairs. We do not wish to promote any specific political sentiment, cause or affiliation in this blog post. But of course you already knew that. Some people might potentially take offense, but that’s their problem. Follow your local laws, treat Covid seriously and don’t be an asshole. Cheers.


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