A Gift From Corner Football Merch

The lads from Corner Football Merch heard that FBTG was in town, liked our writing about the Indonesian Football scene and contacted us asking if we wanted to chill and that they wanted to gift some of their items as a thank you for bringing some positive attention to the Indonesian fan scene.

Corner Football Merch

Corner Football Merch is a leading online retailer of Football fan fashion and merchandise in Indonesia. We met late Friday evening. The boys picked me up, took me to a quiet spot out of town for some late-night local grub and a healthy conversation about Football. The articles they gifted made the trip. High quality wear (we mean it) and classy designs. Massive thanks go to Corner Football Merch for their kindness and hospitality. Please find their generic fashion IG page here and their fan article IG page here.

Corner Football Merch indonesian

We would like to take this opportunity to explain that this is not a paid post. We are not a blog that sells advertising space or will openly endorse any business that throws money at us, because we believe that this is contrary to Football fan values. We want to be an honest and objective voice you can trust setting an example in a sport increasingly ruled by the dollar. You can be cynical about this post if you like but we are simply doing a small something to say thank you to CFM and their exceptional hospitality.

Corner Football Merch Yogyakarta

A pleasure to meet you lads.


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