Bonek of Persebaya Surabaya

Touchdown in Java and it took no longer than a brief walk around the block to find what we wanted. The fanatics of local outfit Persebaya, “Bonek” (short for Bondo Nekat or “reckless people”) have gone out of their way to keep Surabaya, Indonesia’s second city, In The Green.

But it is around Java and the Indonesian Liga 1 we will travel in the coming weeks to continue to bring you informed, clear and engaging writing about Football Culture from this corner of the world (rather than just Surabaya, who currently play in Liga 2). A country more known for fanaticism than actual decent Football, we will be interviewing, groundhopping, attending, quizzing, arguing and probing to get comprehensive insights into the current world of Indonesian Football Culture.

The Indonesian Liga 1 will climax over the next few weeks. This is the time when the tempers flare and the flares temper, as fans pack out the stadia and step their game up in an effort to carry their team that extra step.

It’s gonna be big. Stay tuned.


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