The Parallels between the Labour Market and the League

I do not understand the supposed entitlement that comes with nationality. “All they do is come over and take our jobs”. What exactly makes them “our jobs”? Why should it matter where an employee comes from if they do their job well? If being local brings an advantage, then yes, and there would be nothing to fear. But as people accuse immigration of being harmful, clearly natives are not being employed purely based on their place of birth. Statistical and economic models have been used to fight the case for and against migration typically in the low-skilled labour market, but as the truth is unclear and no-one knows how the numbers stack up, that argument is void.

The reason people are often against migration is because of fear. Fear that their employment will be put in jeopardy. They recognise the fact that hiring migrants is frequently both logical and favourable and that there are people out there with a skill set larger than their own envious of their position in life. Thus, many chant the rhetoric that local jobs should go to locals. It is a way to try and protect their own welfare. Other cultural and religious pain points related to migration tossed about in the media are simply used as further ammunition in this case.

But, any man of conviction, modesty and integrity should always try to improve himself before making others look bad. This is one of the most important things you should teach your children. Fearful people shunning migrants have little interest in self-improvement, little interest in developing their own abilities and knowledge to make themselves more employable than the migrant. The same applies in Football.

If you see yourself at the bottom of the league, you will accomplish little by arguing that your opponents should not ineligible to play. The right thing to do is to build a better team and prove yourself a winner, and funnily enough, migration can be a big part of that. Cultural differences that exist are sources of innovation and synergy, both on the field and in real life. If you need a gifted play-maker, hire a Spaniard. If you need a dogmatic sturdy defender, hire a Ukrainian. If you need a centre-forward with skill and creativity on the ball, hire a West-African. If you need a forward-minded opportunist, hire a German. If you need a controlling organised central defender, hire an Englishman. Use migration and increased competition to your advantage to improve again and again.

The nature of competition means the best response to threats is constant self-improvement. This is true in Football and in the everyday world, and this may be the most important lesson you take from this blog. If you are someone who always wants to learn and improve, you will not fall victim to increased competition. If you are someone who always wants to claim that others should not be allowed to compete with you instead of working harder yourself, then you are a loser. I make no apology for your inadequacies.


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