Cameron vs Greed

So West Ham’s biggest supporter David Cameron has openly said he intends to investigate rising costs of ticket prices for Football supporters in the UK. Whether this refers to just English football or Scottish football also, I don’t know. But two thoughts strike me about this;

1) It is not the Prime Minister’s responsibility to fight inflation in football ticket prices; it’s the fans’.

Obviously various governing bodies should always fight for fair fan treatment (if their priorities are correct), but this should not extend up to the most powerful man in the country. The government’s job is to ensure our civil rights are upheld, to protect us, to ensure that services and goods are distributed equitably across the population and to guarantee correct execution of all legal practices. Not to keep football ticket prices affordable. Many fans in the UK have woken up over recent years and demonstrated their dissatisfaction with moderate success, the latest example being the U-turn made by Liverpool ownership after the ’77th-Minute’ walkout. Fans need to continue to do so as it is their fight and any governmental or legal intervention would result in a hollow victory for supporters.

2) Why should he care at all?

In my opinion, it’s just a chance to gain popularity. The media reaction to the Liverpool walkout has been huge and largely one-sided in terms of opinion; “this is the right thing to do”. David has recognised this and realises the chance to appeal himself to the masses. His words have been very non-committal, simply vowing to ‘look carefully’ at the situation.

That doesn’t mean he will do anything. And to be honest, nor should he.


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