All I Got For Christmas Was A Dukla Prague Away Day

Union Berlin Dukla Prag

This time last year 1. FC Union Berlin hosted SV Austria Salzburg in a ‘charity match’ friendly with proceeds going to everyone’s favourite fan-owned club in the Mozart-Stadt. We were there for the game in the away end with the Salzbürger for what was a momentous occasion and a rowdy atmosphere during the customary January Bundesliga hiatus that makes every German Football loon twitchy. Some, so fed up of the lack Continue reading

Ultras Aufkleber of the Week – 1. FC Union Berlin

The Football fan who prefers to go down the pub with his freshly washed Spurs shirt and chat all friendly with peers wearing Arsenal, Man City and Villa merch will maybe not know Union Berlin. The Football fan who is more invested in the politics of the sport and knows which fans suck and which fans are boss will definitely know Union. Berlin’s 2nd club playing at the infamous Stadion an der alten Försterei, a stadium partially built by the fans when the club needed to upgrade the facility but couldn’t afford to, 1. FC Union Berlin have a lot of sympathy from fans worldwide. Read up on our visit of a friendly when SV Austria Salzburg came to town.

Union Berlin sticker


Holmesdale Fanatics & The Smoke

Union Berlin Crystal Palace

Crystal Palace played against 1.FC Union Berlin last summer. Union, a far weaker side on paper, surprisingly won the game 2-0. The day was hot, the beer was popular, and Palace brought a good amount, probably coming close to 400 / 500. Palace fans had been victim to some scraps with Eisern Union ultras the day before, with a flag being stolen, but on the whole it was a peaceful affair.

My real interest was not the game, but the Holmesdale Fanatics. Now, Continue reading