Angry Cops And Belgians

Lokeren train station

A wall of aggression. A barrier of taxpayers’ money. One single channel holding 2,000 fans in complete anarchy. Glassware continued to rain down indiscriminately. A middle-aged woman behind me shook with fear. Two men burst through the crowd, one supporting the other, blood rolling down his face. It wasn’t a fight because it wasn’t fair. Our travelling support suffered greatly; it was more than humiliation Continue reading

Atemlos; Hertha Away at Bremen

Hertha fans banner

It was a group of Hertha-mad friends that steered me toward the Blau-Weiße Alte Dame, and an Away Day was something of an eventuality. Down the pub you’re always chatting about terrace life, and these boys had criticism for the atmosphere at English stadia, or rather, lack of it. Naturally that was something I disputed quickly. But the story of my second Hertha BSC Away Day made me understand just what exactly they were talking about. This is that story. Continue reading