Your Football Day

Calling all fanatics!

We are launching a new regular feature on From Boothferry To Germany called “My Football Day” in which we showcase the normal Match Day routine from fans and fanatics around the world.

One of FBTG‘s objectives is to share the ways in which support differs globally with enthusiasts who are not always able to do the travel. Each post will be dedicated to a fan of a different team and will cover the typical actions they get up to on Saturdays. In the end we hope to create a diverse portfolio of enjoyable and passionate reading, covering the thrilling customs and traditions of fans that may just inspire you to bring something new to your terrace, stand, Tribüne, Kurve, block, kop, end or sector.

So if you’re a writer or reader and you want some facetime and a link from us, or just wanna share your pride in your club with the world; get in touch!! Simply write to us and we’ll do the rest.

Enjoy your game this weekend.


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