Ultras Aufkleber of the Week – Denver Broncos

A less than chivalrous design brought to you by somebody who is clearly a Denver Broncos fan (NFL in case you were wondering). We cannot say we are fans of the…. theme of this Aufkleber, but the colours contrast well in spite of its vulgarity. Moreover, it is interesting to observe fans of teams, clubs and franchises in other sports taking inspiration from Football fan groups and adapting their practices to their own needs. We at FBTG have previously made the point that far from seeing themselves as culturally superior (as many outsiders like to claim), US citizens who follow team sports often display an alacrity to “copy” (for lack of a better word) fan customs they observe in stadia around the world. NFL fans creating Football-Ultra style stickers and posting them around your city is perhaps a good example of this.

Denver broncos fan sticker


Minneapolis, Twinned with Reykjavik

Minnesota Vikings fans

The 2016 European Cup will be remembered for 4 things; 1) Wales’ emergence as a tournament dark horse, 2) Will Grigg’s reported perpetual state of flammability 3) how boring it was and 4) the Iceland Clap. We should probably extend that to the Icelanders’ amazing support throughout, but “The Clap” was so universally popular it had bookies betting which Premier League fans would be the first to replicate it. That’s not really materialised but the Iceland Clap is now being performed by fans elsewhere (I vividly remember a video posting of a Vietnamese fangroup getting it on post victory).

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